10 Best-Selling Hair Growth Products


With the increasing pollution and too much exposure to chemical and harmful products, people are falling into the trap of hair problems like hair breakage, gray hair, baldness, and hair loss. 

Here are some recommendation for best-selling hair growth products that shows better results:

Hair Growth Supplements 

These supplements include Collagen, vitamin E, Biotin, Lilac extract, Niacin vitamin B, Ligan powder, Biotin, Vitamin C, Iron, Keratin, Zinc, Vitamin D, Viviscal, and other essential items for hair growth. 

It provides benefits like moisturizing hair, supporting cells, and blood circulation to the scalp that helps in strengthening and giving flexibility to your hair. 

Drug-Free DHT Blocker 

Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is a hormone responsible for hair loss and damage in men and women as it shrinks the hair follicles. It interrupts the hair growth cycle by shortening and shrinking hair quality and breaking down the hair.

Blocking DHT in your hair can provide prevention from Women’s or Men pattern baldness.

Drug-free DHT blockers regulate and minimize this hormone level in the body. It generally includes tea tree oil, rosemary and pumpkin seed oil, biotin vitamin, saw palmetto, ketoconazole, etc. Tea tree oil is mainly included for removing irritation from the scalp. 

Anti-Itch Scalp Serum

Dandruff, head lice, psoriasis, eczema, tinea capitis, and seborrhoeic dermatitis are common reasons for itchy scalp. An anti-itch scalp serum can be a good fit under your best-selling hair growth products list to fight these problems. 

The anti-itch serums generally include ingredients like caffeine extracts that are helpful as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, natural lilac blocks Dihydrotestosterone and reliefs the itchy scalp caused by outside pollution or internal deficiencies, mandelic acid extracted from almonds improves hair follicles by eliminating congestion. 

Follicle Energizer Serum 

Follicles are small holes in your head skin from where the growth of hair originated. Researchers mentioned that a human is born with almost one million follicles in the head. Natural hair growth serums prevent hair breakage and loss due to overstressing. 

It contains ingredients such as biotin that helps hair cells, horse chestnut which is a natural antioxidant, panthenol that provides moisturizing and shines to the hair. It also includes potassium CLA glutathione which results in hair regrowth, biotinoyl tripeptide1 improves the hair bulb and many other ingredients. 

Color Restoration Sprays

There are many cons of coloring your hair as sometimes it loses its natural color and shine. Color restoration can be a helpful solution to eliminate these disadvantages.

People have gray and damaged hair due to excessive dying or constant use of hair coloring. They can go for restoration solutions as it effectively grows the hair thicker. It enhances pigmentation production using peptide technology that restores natural hair color.

Revitalizing Shampoo

The general meaning of revitalizing is to provide a new life to something or restore something. Revitalizing shampoos can be beneficial in drying the hair in case of an oily scalp, moisturizing the hair, stretching its life cycle, and maintaining the density & protein of the hair.

It generally consists of vitamins P, E, and F which work best to boost and repair hair damage to a great extent. Also, ingredients like cashmere proteins smoothen hair and give it a soft texture. 

Adrenal Booster Supplements

Adrenal glands are beneficial for metabolism regulation, boosting the immune system, blood pressure, and other essential functions. Long-term physical and emotional stress causes adrenal fatigue.

Problems like Adrenal fatigue can cause heavy hair loss. Adrenal booster supplements are helpful for anxiety issues and stress and disturbed sleep cycle. Other supplements like Vitamin B5, B6, B12, C, and magnesium are some helpful supplements that can cure adrenal fatigue. 

Follicle Activator

Hair follicles exist on top of the skin and surround the root of the hair. It helps to grow hair and form new neurons & blood cells. The follicle activators boost the dormant follicle and provide strength to the hair. It contains biotin, Panthenol, Milk protein, and Ergothioneine. 

Hair Thickening Fiber Sprays

Hair fibers are tiny substances made up of keratin protein. These are small hair that stay with your existing strands to enhance the density or make it an illusion like one has a thick texture or volume. These fiber sprays do not directly stop your hair loss, they only add small hair and improve your appearance of hair. It generally lasts for one or two days if you apply it once. 

Collagen Rich Drinks 

Collagen is a protein helpful in hair growth, curing gray hair, split ends, and hair breakage. Lack of collagen in the body can cause hair loss as it provides nutrients to your hair and improves blood circulation. 

These healthy drinks include green tea, hyaluronic acid, collagen 1 and 3, and Norwegian white fish collagen. Also, Collagen provides amino acids to hair and forms keratin that prevents follicle breakdown.

Summing Up!

Hair growth is a slow and ongoing process; it cannot happen overnight. Use of the above products will take adequate time and show results after some while. 

For these best-selling hair growth products, best Supplements & vitamins, and best-selling lash conditioners, you may visit MD factor for a wide range of hair care products. Always get proper guidance and recommendation before applying any new remedy to your hair.

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