4 Essential RV Do’s & Don’Ts

4 Essential RV Do's & Don'Ts

If you’re new to the world of RVs, it can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re experienced with them, there may be some things you’ve learned along the way that others may not know about. Either way, here are some do’s and don’ts for camping in an RV:

DO get to know your RV

There is a LOT to know about your RV, it’s best to know all about it before you take off. After all, if something breaks down on the road and there isn’t a mechanic nearby, you could be stuck for days until you find help. To avoid this situation:

  • Learn how to operate all appliances and utilities in your RV (including lights, water system, and heating/cooling systems)
  • Know how to use the generator safely (Pro Tip: Keep it away from gas cans.)
  • Make sure that everyone who will be using your RV knows how to use its waste system properly. If not used correctly, waste can leak out onto roads or into people’s yards—and that’s no good!

DO keep it clean

Keeping your RV clean is one of the most important things you can do, especially if you are planning to sell it. So, before you start to look up “how to sell my RV”, you will want to keep it looking nice and make sure that it stays in tip-top shape for the potential buyers to see in the future. Here are some tips on how to do so:

  • Make sure you always clean up after yourself, especially in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • If there are any spills or messes from food preparation, take care of them as soon as possible, so they don’t get dirty or moldy.
  • It’s also important to keep all surfaces wiped down every day with a quick cleaning spray or wipe so that dirt doesn’t have time to build up into visible grime on your flooring and walls.
  • Even though our RVs are small spaces, they still get dusty pretty easily! Be sure to use an air purifier (or even just an incense stick) regularly if you need help clearing out bad smells as well as dust particles throughout the living space area.

DON’T forget to use the levelers

Sure, it’s easy to forget you have them—but they’re vital to getting that perfect setup. According to the experts at Camping World, “You should always use your stabilizers after you park your RV in a campsite or driveway, but before setting up your rig.” Levelers are like shoes for your RV, and they should be used at all times! If you don’t have levelers on an older model of trailer or motorhome, it is recommended that you purchase some ASAP since they will make a big difference in how well-equipped you feel when embarking on an adventure together with friends and family members (and pets).

DON’T take on too much

Don’t overload the RV.

One of the biggest causes of accidents on the road is poor loading. This includes not only vehicle weight but tow vehicle weight as well. If you’re taking your RV out for a trip or using it to haul something heavy, make sure that you have everything balanced right so that none of its parts are overworked or damaged.

You don’t want to do this because it can cause serious damage to your RV and lead to more serious problems down the line if not corrected immediately!

Following these tips will help you get the most out of your RV, whether you’re driving for an hour or going on a cross-country adventure. The best part? You don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy gear—just follow these easy rules and enjoy yourself!

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