It’s All About Counting Numbers

There are plenty of things that students can be taught while they are still in preschool, and one among them is counting numbers. Counting numbers is one of the elementary topics that are taught to kids in school to make sure they develop the basics of counting numbers at a young age. Once the kids have developed the habit of counting numbers, it becomes easy for them to understand different fundamental concepts of mathematics. 

There are various ways by which parents can teach their children how to count numbers. Be it abacus beads or rote counting; parents can choose a number of innovative ways to teach their children about counting numbers. Next, parents can download, count and write worksheet that are available on BYJU’S website. These worksheets can be easily downloaded and practised. 

Importance of Learning Counting Numbers

There are plenty of benefits of teaching children about counting numbers since it acts as a foundation for mathematical concepts. Let’s look at how counting numbers can prove to be beneficial for children. 

  • Get the idea of more or less – one of the fundamental concepts that children need to learn about is the ‘more or less. Comparison or finding the greater or lesser number is one of the most common topics that are introduced in the mathematics curriculum in Class 1. Children can easily compare between the given numbers if they have knowledge about counting numbers. For example, if a kid is familiar with rote counting, then they will know 10 is greater than 8. 
  • Solve basic operations – mathematical problems involve four major operations, i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. And the best way to make sure that children understand these basic operations is by teaching them counting numbers. Children who have a better understanding of counting numbers have a good grasp of basic mathematical basic operations. There are plenty of addition worksheets and subtraction worksheets that parents can use from BYJU’S website for their child to practise. 
  • Ordering numbers – another benefit of counting numbers is children learn how to order numbers as per ascending and descending order. Rote counting helps children to learn about numbers sequence, thus making ascending and descending order solvable. 
  • Have clear basics – counting numbers are the basics, and all the other mathematical concepts rest on it. If a child is not taught to count numbers or can’t count properly, then it will become difficult for them to grasp the other concepts that are included in the maths curriculum. 

Though these are some of the importance of learning counting numbers at a young age, it is up to parents and teachers how they would teach counting numbers to kids. Most kids have some idea about numbers, and counting numbers helps them to have a much clearer understanding. Abacus is a great way to teach children about counting. The colourful beads make it easier and interesting for kids to learn about counting numbers. Once kids have learned how to count numbers, there are a number of worksheets to practice from. 

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