What are the hacks to blend hair extensions with short hair

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Try to brush your hair out utilizing a Loop Hair Extensions Brush prior to cutting in your expansions.

Pin the base segment of your hair away

This is a truly incredible hack for mixing hair expansions with short hair to conceal those bothersome obvious more limited pieces at the scruff of your neck. Area your hair so just a smidgen of it is left at the base, and clasp the remainder of the hair away. Back brush this excess segment and curve or twist it, then, at that point, pin it level against the scruff of your next with some bobby pins. This is the place where you’ll cut in your first weft of expansions.

Blend and match tones for added measurement

Pia utilizes two arrangements of Luxy Hair expansions: 220g Ombre Chestnut and 220g Ombre Blonde. With these sets, Pia handled two significant expansions challenges: how to mix hair augmentations with short hair, and how to mix hair augmentations with features or multi-conditioned hair. Utilizing two unique tones deceives the eye by adding measurement and profundity to the hair. Another alternative is to give a shot balayage hair expansions for added shading.

In the case of utilizing two tones, basically substitute the two shadings when cutting the expansions in to accomplish a consistent mix. A reward? This makes normal looking sun-kissed features without investing any energy out in the sun!

Bother the roots for added hold

You might find that you need some additional hold at the roots, particularly on the off chance that you have better hair care products. To add grasp to your normal hair, bother it by back brushing the strands.

Go higher than expected

Remember, when you are cutting in your hair augmentations for short hair, you will probably cover however much of your normal short hair as could be expected. This implies that you will see that your augmentations will sit much higher on your head, which is thoroughly fine. Keep cutting in the remainder of your hair augmentations until you’ve arrived at the highest point of your head.

Make a very long uber weft to cover short layers

Whenever you have arrived at the broadest place of your head, which will be in accordance with your eyebrows, cut in two 3-cut wefts one next to the other. You will lay them adjacent to one another, and they will cover somewhat toward the back. In Pia’s instructional exercise, she makes one long super weft that lays across the entire back of her head, concealing all her more limited layers.

Clasp in your last four clasp wefts the same way at the rear of your hair. By doing this, you can secure the wide range of various wefts you have cut in your hair and permit you to have one durable weft that covers the remainder.

Add face-outlining pieces toward the front

Pia cut both her 3-cut wefts with the goal that the segments towards the front of her face are more limited. This makes face outlining layers, which mix into more limited layers all the more normally. Since Luxy Hair expansions are made with 100% remy human hair, they can be trimmed and styled actually like your own normal hair care and skin care, notwithstanding, we prescribe to take your augmentations to your hairstylist to be trimmed by an expert!

Also, polish off by cutting in your singular clasp wefts at whichever place you feel needs more volume and length. Pia likes putting a couple of right behind her ears. Try to place in obscurity ones in first, and then, at that point, place the lighters one nearer to your face.

Add waves and twists

An efficient tip is to twist your expansions before hand. Utilize a Hair Extensions Carrier, to cut your expansions on for simple and speedy twisting. In the event that you do this previously, the hardest part is basically done! You’ll simply have to clean up with a couple of twists to mix your normal hair with the augmentations. When you cut your wefts in, twist each more limited strand with a piece of the more drawn out strands, and utilize a straightener in case need be to twist any more limited closures internal. At long last, twist your top layer of hair to accomplish a smooth, consistent change.

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